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CCTV inspections of stormwater and wastewater assets play a crucial role for pipe asset owners and managers, as they offer the only means to truly assess the condition of the underground piped networks running through our towns and cities. At BlueLine Drains, we recognize the significance of this service and are equipped to perform these inspections with the utmost precision and efficiency.

Our specialised CCTV Vans are equipped with top-of-the-line IPEK CCTV Systems, ensuring that we can conduct full-color, high-definition CCTV Inspections of pipes or conduits above 80mm in diameter and up to 300m in length. Using either a snake-profiled pushrod camera or a robotic tractor camera, we can view and record the inside of pipelines, identifying faults, locating construction features, and conducting thorough condition assessments.

A key advantage of our CCTV Systems is their Sonde locating technology, enabling us to pinpoint and mark the location of pipelines, faults, construction features, or buried access points, above the ground, to a relatively high degree of accuracy.

All our CCTV Inspections, conducted for condition assessment purposes, adhere to the guidelines outlined in the New Zealand Gravity Pipe Inspection Manual – Version 3 or 4, depending on the specific requirements of the local council. Our state-of-the-art Wincan XV Advanced reporting software allows us to report on the pipeline’s condition in real-time, and the inspection data is available immediately at the conclusion of the inspection. This data undergoes a quality review by our management team before being shared with our clients, typically within 48 hours of completion on business days. We provide access to the data through an online Dropbox link, facilitating easy sharing with other relevant personnel. In cases where time is of the essence, we can supply the CCTV data on a USB flash drive at the conclusion of the job.

Though our CCTV equipment is typically permanently attached to our CCTV Vans, we have the flexibility to make them “mobile” when conducting inspections in challenging or remote areas.

In essence, whether you require blockage or defect checks, service location, routine, responsive, pre-development, or post-construction condition assessments, or need visual assistance for jetting operations to identify debris hotspots or ensure structural integrity, BlueLine Drains is equipped with the best resources to handle these tasks to the highest of standards. Our dedication to providing exceptional services and utilising cutting-edge technology sets us apart as a reliable and efficient partner for all your stormwater and wastewater asset maintenance needs.

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