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The cleaning of stormwater and wastewater assets is an essential service to ensure the smooth and unimpeded flow of these vital underground piped networks. At BlueLine Drains, we recognize the significance of this service and offer specialised Jetting & Suction techniques to maintain the integrity of these networks.

Equipped with top-of-the-line products, including KEG Jetting Heads & Nozzles, our dedicated Jetting & Combination Trucks allow us to perform professional and efficient cleaning of pipes or conduits.

Our specialised single-purpose Jetting Truck excels in:

  • Flushing pipes or conduits ranging from 80mm to 375mm in diameter and up to 120m in length.
  • Removing minor volumes of debris through custom-made extendable buckets.

Our specialised multi-purpose Combination Truck excels in:

  • Flushing pipes or conduits above 80mm in diameter and up to 180m in length.
  • Removing roots in pipes ranging from 150mm to 450mm in diameter, using specialised root cutting attachments.
  • Removing debris of up to six cubic meters using a built-in suction unit and retention tank.
  • Exposing buried pipelines, access points, or other utilities with a specialised built-in Hydro Excavation Unit.

Regular maintenance of stormwater and wastewater networks through thorough cleaning is highly beneficial in preventing blockages that may lead to costly and urgent responses, not to mention potential adverse effects on the environment.

Whether you require routine, responsive, or post-construction pipeline cleaning, or need cleaning services to facilitate CCTV inspections by removing obstructions or adhering to the requirements of the New Zealand Gravity Pipe Inspection Manual, BlueLine Drains possesses the expertise and top-notch resources to deliver results to the highest standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your stormwater and wastewater assets remain in optimal condition, contributing to the smooth functioning of the entire infrastructure.

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