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Traffic management is a crucial aspect for the majority of jobs we undertake, as many public pipeline entry points, including sumps and manholes, are situated on or near live roads.

At BlueLine Drains, the safety and well-being of our staff, road users, pedestrians, and all those impacted by our worksites are paramount. To ensure everyone’s safety, our team members have undergone extensive external training, equipping them with the necessary expertise to safely and legally implement traffic control measures. We are proud to have certified practicing STMS’s (Site Traffic Management Supervisors) and TMO’s (Traffic Management Operatives) as integral members of our team.

For local roads, where the risks are generally lower, we often handle our own traffic management using a generic traffic management plan (TMP) under Section F of the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management. This plan is suitable for most worksites with associated risks, and our trained personnel can effectively implement it.

However, for high-risk sites where a site-specific TMP with additional resources is necessary, we generally engage specialised subcontractors. The safety of our team members, the public, and the smooth flow of traffic is always the foremost consideration in such situations.

Our state-of-the-art CCTV Vans are equipped with sufficient traffic control equipment to handle anything up to and including a shoulder closure. This capability allows us to minimize the overall cost of traffic management for small jobs, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Moreover, our yard is well-stocked with an extensive range of traffic equipment, and we have a dedicated traffic trailer available for sites that require more advanced setups. This ensures that we are well-prepared to tackle any traffic considerations that may arise during our projects.

By prioritising traffic management and investing in both training and equipment, we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety at our worksites. Our comprehensive approach to this enables us to carry out projects efficiently and safely, while minimising disruptions to the public and surrounding areas.

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