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The project encompassed 20.6km of wastewater assets spanning eight catchments. Overall, the project was relatively straightforward, with only minor challenges encountered during its execution.

One of the minor difficulties involved dealing with manholes situated in residents’ backyards, which posed access constraints for our plant and equipment. Additionally, some sections presented steep gradients, requiring careful navigation. Working both upstream and downstream of high-volume pump stations added complexity to the project. Moreover, accessing manholes within other contractors’ working sites, which sometimes necessitated full road closures, required meticulous coordination. Notably, 300m of assets on the local state highway demanded specialised traffic management to ensure safety and minimise disruptions.

Despite these challenges, our team managed the project adeptly, addressing each issue effectively. With a focus on professionalism and efficient problem-solving, we successfully completed the project to the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved. Our commitment to delivering high-quality services, along with meticulous planning and execution, ensured the smooth completion of this vital wastewater asset project.

Wastewater Drainage Investigations - 20.6km (1)


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