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Ensuring that manholes remain readily accessible at all times is of the utmost importance, especially in emergency response situations. At BlueLine Drains, we recognise the significance of maintaining functional manholes in stormwater and wastewater networks, and as such, we offer a comprehensive range of manhole services.

Our expertise in manhole services includes:

  • Locating Manholes: Using our advanced CCTV Inspections and Sonde Locating Technology, we can accurately locate buried manholes within the underground network, making it easier for quick access during future inspections or emergency response scenarios.
  • Exposing Manholes: Whether through hand-dug methods, small diggers, or Hydro Excavation, we are adept at efficiently exposing manholes for maintenance, repair, or inspection purposes.
  • Raising Manholes to Ground Level: We have the capability to raise manholes to ground level, ensuring easier access for personnel and equipment, and improving safety during operations.
  • Replacing Damaged Frames/Covers: Damaged manhole frames and covers can pose hazards and impair accessibility. Our team can promptly replace these components, ensuring the integrity of the manholes is restored.
  • Repairing Damaged Benching: Damaged benching within manholes can lead to structural issues and affect their functionality. We have the expertise to repair and restore the benching, ensuring the manholes are in optimal condition.
  • Hydraulic Opening of Manhole Lids: Rust or other obstructions may hinder the opening of manhole lids. We possess specialised tools to hydraulically open rusted, or otherwise stuck lids, allowing for easy and safe access.

By offering this comprehensive suite of manhole services, we contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of stormwater and wastewater networks. We understand the critical role that manholes play in facilitating access and maintenance, and our commitment to delivering high-quality services ensures that these access points remain in excellent condition, ready for immediate use when the need arises.

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