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As defined by WorkSafe NZ, a Confined Space refers to an enclosed or partially-enclosed space not intended for human occupancy, which may pose various hazards. These hazards can include the presence of harmful contaminants, insufficient oxygen levels, potential engulfment risks, or restricted means of entry and exit.

At BlueLine Drains, we frequently conduct Confined Space Entries to set up our equipment, particularly for tasks related to CCTV Inspections, Flow Reduction, and Trenchless Patch Repair services. These activities often take place in the access points of pipelines or conduits, which includes manholes, pits, and sumps.

To ensure the safety of our personnel during Confined Space Entries, we have the necessary certified equipment at our disposal. This includes tripods, winches, harnesses, lanyards, and gas detectors, which are crucial for safeguarding our team members as they enter and work in these confined spaces. Additionally, our personnel are extensively trained and certified to carry out such operations, and we strictly adhere to entry policies designed to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

The safety of our team members is of paramount importance, and we take all necessary precautions and measures to create a safe working environment during Confined Space Entries. By adhering to strict safety protocols and utilising certified equipment, we can confidently execute tasks in confined spaces while minimising risks and prioritising the well-being of our personnel.

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