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Day & Night Shifts - (Featured Image)

Day & Night Shifts

πŸŒ™ While night works have their own pros and cons, it’s been a treat to work in the sunny Kapiti Coast for the first half of this week. The beautiful weather and stunning scenery have definitely made our daytime shifts…

Navigating Gullies - (Featured Image)

Navigating Gullies

🌌 As we embark on week 2 of night work, our team is feeling refreshed after overcoming the challenges of last week. While the initial plans suggested that only two culverts would require fall arrest systems, reality proved otherwise. Most…

Highway Night Shifts - (Featured Image)

Highway Night Shifts

🌌 Last night marked the commencement of a critical project that we’ve been diligently planning for almost two months. This high-priority undertaking involves stormwater assets situated across State Highway 1 & 2 in the Greater Wellington Region. Our tasks encompass…

Flexibility Is Crucial - (Featured Image)

Flexibility Is Crucial

πŸ”„ Flexibility is crucial when things don’t go as planned, as it’s what ensures the successful execution of a project. Case in point: our recent experience with a project that faced not one, but two postponements due to access issues…

Advanced Technology - (Featured Image)

Advanced Technology

🚚 Did you know that our state-of-the-art Combination Truck does more than just Flushing, Suction, and in-line Root Cutting of pipelines? It also boasts advanced Hydro Excavation capabilities, making it a one-stop solution for multiple scopes of work on site!…

Completing The Impossible - (Featured Image)

Completing The Impossible

🌧️ Just in the nick of time before the rain started pouring! πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ Our team recently tackled a challenging project for a valued client: conducting a CCTV Inspection condition assessment on a 375mm stormwater pipe. This task was initially deemed…

Our Teams On Fire - (Featured Image)

Our Teams On Fire!

πŸ”₯Our team has been on fire lately! 🌟 Between maintaining and inspecting stormwater and wastewater assets and crafting proposals for upcoming projects, we’ve barely had a moment to catch our breath. But we couldn’t wait any longer to share some…

Big Things, Small Spaces - (Featured Image)

Big Things, Small Spaces

πŸššπŸ’‘ Who says big things can’t fit into small spaces? It took two sharp-eyed spotters and a skilled driver, but we managed to navigate our 26-tonne truck into a tight spot safely! Getting it in and out without a hitch…

Satisfying Pipe Cleaning - (Featured Image)

Satisfying Pipe Cleaning

🌊 Check out this impressive transformation! πŸ“Έ We were halfway through cleaning this culvert, and the difference is already night and day. Check out the stark contrast between the freshly cleaned section and the part we tackled next. At BlueLine…

Incredible Feat - (Featured Image)

Incredible Feat

πŸš€ In just the past two days, our team has pulled off an incredible feat! πŸ•’ Working against a tight deadline, we put in an extended effort, pushing late into the night to ensure we maximised our output before our…

Construction CCTV Inspections - (Featured Image)

Construction CCTV Inspections

🚧 Another successful project completed by BlueLine Drains! We recently completed pre-flushing and suction, followed by CCTV Inspections in strict accordance with the New Zealand Gravity Pipe Inspection Manual (NZGPIM). Our valued client, who recently installed this drainage network, entrusted…

Regular Asset Inspections - (Featured Image)

Regular Asset Inspections

πŸ‘€ Can you spot the issue here?! πŸ”§ While it’s true that most severe defects, requiring urgent remediation, are often discovered through reactive works, they can just as easily be uncovered during routine inspections. This highlights the critical importance of…

Hydro Excavation - Avoiding Water Mains - (Featured Image 2)

Hydro Excavation – Avoiding Water Mains

πŸš€ Did you know that Hydro Excavation is the non-destructive way of digging? In a recent project, our client needed trenches for installing new pipes. However, some areas crossed directly over water mains, posing high risks of service strikes, interruptions,…

Tupua Horo Nuku Project - (Featured Image)

Tupua Horo Nuku Project

🚧 We’ve been hard at work in York Bay and Sunshine Bay as part of the Tupua Horo Nuku project, delivered by the Te Ara Tupua Alliance. This project entails building a 4.4-kilometer walking and cycling path linking Point Howard…

Wellington Billboard Advertising

Wellington Billboard Advertising

πŸ‘€ Have you spotted our digital billboards around the Wellington & Hutt Valley regions? Keep your eyes peeled! 🌟 A big thanks to Jolly Billboards for making these go live! 🏞️ #StayTuned #SpotOurAds #JollyBillboards

Happy New Year 2024 - (Featured Image)

Happy New Year 2024!

πŸŽ‰βœ¨ Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! May 2024 be filled with success and happiness. We can’t wait to reconnect with our valued clients and welcome new ones when we return to work next week on January 8th. A heartfelt…

2023 Christmas Function - (Featured Image)

2023 Christmas Function

πŸŽ‰ Reflecting on a fantastic year with our incredible team at our end-of-year Christmas function! πŸ₯³ From laughter-filled moments to unforgettable memories, it’s been a year of hard work and celebration. Here’s a glimpse into the festivitiesβ€”cheers to a successful…

Advancing Our Service Quality - (Featured Image)

Advancing Our Service Quality

πŸš€ At BlueLine Drains, we’re dedicated to constant improvement. Addressing feedback on post-flushing CCTV inspections, we identified the need for a streak-free finish on pipe walls. Our Combination Truck flaunts seven specialised KEG Jetting Heads, recognising the crucial role of…

Working Across The Sunny Kapiti Coast - (Featured Image)

Working Across The Sunny Kapiti Coast

We are feeling incredibly lucky and privileged to get to work across the sunny Kapiti Coast so often! Our team at BlueLine Drains is grateful for the opportunity to serve this beautiful community, ensuring smooth-flowing pipelines and keeping things running…

Clear the Way for Maximum Flow - (Featured Image)

Clear the Way for Maximum Flow

Are your pipes feeling a little clogged lately? It’s not uncommon to find manholes, sumps, and pipelines filled with gravel and sand, which can seriously hamper their functionality. But don’t worry, because BlueLine Drains is here to clear the path…


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