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Completing The Impossible

🌧️ Just in the nick of time before the rain started pouring!

👷‍♂️ Our team recently tackled a challenging project for a valued client: conducting a CCTV Inspection condition assessment on a 375mm stormwater pipe. This task was initially deemed impossible by another contracting firm due to significant debris and roots clogging the pipe, as well as its outletting into a lagoon with no viable access for flushing and suction trucks. But, known for our ability to achieve the impossible, we were called in to scope out the job.

🔍 After extensive site assessments, homeowner consultations, and client discussions, we devised a viable plan and jumped into action. We began by installing a silt fence and a pneumatic pipe plug at the outlet to prevent sediment from entering the lagoon and vice versa. All other works were conducted from the upstream manhole, with the nearest flushing and suction truck access point being 11m away, surrounded by obstacles. However, with the capabilities of our advanced Combination Truck and specialised extensions, we overcame this hurdle with ease.

💧 We initiated the process by backflushing the line, followed by cutting solid roots approximately 38m downstream, and dewatering the line as best as possible. Simultaneous suction by the Combination Truck efficiently removed all water and debris. Finally, we conducted a thorough CCTV Inspection, adhering to the requirements of the New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual Version 3, providing our client with comprehensive insights into the pipeline’s condition for asset management and future planning.

🚚 After completing the job, we left the site without a trace, demonstrating our commitment to professionalism and excellence in every project we undertake!

🛠️ #ChallengesConquered #AdvancedTechnology #Professionalism #BlueLineDrains


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