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Highway Night Shifts

🌌 Last night marked the commencement of a critical project that we’ve been diligently planning for almost two months. This high-priority undertaking involves stormwater assets situated across State Highway 1 & 2 in the Greater Wellington Region. Our tasks encompass identifying and locating these assets, exposing them where necessary, thoroughly cleaning, and conducting formal CCTV Inspections to gather comprehensive condition assessment data.

📋 When our valued client initially approached us for this project, it was evident that extensive planning would be essential to ensure smooth execution. Collaborating closely with our client, their traffic management provider, and other contractors, we meticulously orchestrated every detail. And last night, everything fell into place as we kicked off the project.

🌟 Our dedicated team will be working tirelessly over the next two weeks, focusing on night shifts to ensure the success of the project. Following this intense phase, we will transition to completing day shifts alongside a few nights over the next month. We extend a massive shoutout to our client for their collaboration and support in making this process as seamless as possible. And to our team, braving the dark, cold nights, your dedication is truly commendable.

🌞 Day or night, rain or shine, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional results. Together, we’re shaping the future of infrastructure with excellence and professionalism.

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