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Navigating Gullies

🌌 As we embark on week 2 of night work, our team is feeling refreshed after overcoming the challenges of last week. While the initial plans suggested that only two culverts would require fall arrest systems, reality proved otherwise. Most of the culverts we were tasked with demanded this additional access and safety measure.

💪 However, equipped with our brand new confined space and fall arrest gear, recently purchased to replace aging systems, we faced this challenge head-on. All our staff are trained and competent in utilising lowering and fall arrest systems, ensuring the safety of every operation.

🚧 Our team fearlessly navigated up to 30m down steep gullies with dense bushes to reach the required culvert inlets and outlets. With the aid of our advanced Combination Truck & CCTV Van, we tackled these culverts with ease, proving that no task is too daunting for us.

👏 Another big shoutout to our team for their unwavering dedication and commitment to getting the job done safely and efficiently. Together, we’re turning challenges into opportunities and setting new standards in excellence!

👷‍♂️ #Teamwork #SafetyFirst #Innovation #BlueLineDrains


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