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One Stop Shop

With the acquisition of our latest plant and equipment, we can now provide a one-stop-shop service for all our client’s CCTV, Jetting, Suction & Hydro Excavation needs.

An example of this ‘full service package’ is a project we worked on yesterday for a client on the Kapiti Coast. They had three goals to achieve:

1) Clean the Council Stormwater Pipelines Surrounding Their Development Site

2) CCTV the Stormwater Pipelines to Identify, Locate & Mark Out Existing Laterals Connecting To The Council Mains From Their Development Site

3) Hydro Excavate to Expose The Redundant Laterals So They Can Be Capped/Sealed Off

Utilising only two Specialised Vehicles from our fleet, we were able to complete all three scopes of work for this client. Our Combination Truck was responsible for Scopes 1 & 3, while our CCTV Van was responsible for Scope 2.


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