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Construction CCTV Inspections

🚧 Another successful project completed by BlueLine Drains! We recently completed pre-flushing and suction, followed by CCTV Inspections in strict accordance with the New Zealand Gravity Pipe Inspection Manual (NZGPIM). Our valued client, who recently installed this drainage network, entrusted us with this crucial task.

🛣️ Conducting CCTV Inspections prior to the installation of the asphalt road above provides crucial peace of mind to civil contractors, ensuring that the pipes are free of defects and offering the opportunity to rectify any issues at a fraction of the cost compared to digging up the road for repairs later on.

🎥 Our team of highly skilled operators utilised our state-of-the-art Combination Truck for the flushing and suction processes, ensuring thorough cleaning and preparation of the pipes. For the CCTV inspections, we employed our advanced IPEK CCTV System, paired with the world leading Wincan Reporting Software. This combination of cutting-edge technology and expertise ensures accurate assessment and comprehensive reporting for our clients, guaranteeing the integrity of their drainage network.

👷‍♂️ With BlueLine Drains, you can trust that your drainage network is in expert hands, backed by advanced technology and unwavering dedication to quality.

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