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Regular Asset Inspections

👀 Can you spot the issue here?!

🔧 While it’s true that most severe defects, requiring urgent remediation, are often discovered through reactive works, they can just as easily be uncovered during routine inspections. This highlights the critical importance of planned routine CCTV inspections.

🔍 Recently, during one such inspection, we stumbled upon a significant collapse in a pipe, resulting in a cavity beneath the surface of a major two-lane road. This discovery underscores the invaluable role of proactive inspection practices. By catching the issue early, we prevented the potential disaster of a road cave-in, ensuring better outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

💡 This incident serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of regular asset inspections in preserving infrastructure integrity and ensuring public safety. Let’s continue to prioritise proactive measures to safeguard our communities and infrastructure.

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