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Hydro Excavation – Avoiding Water Mains

🚀 Did you know that Hydro Excavation is the non-destructive way of digging? In a recent project, our client needed trenches for installing new pipes. However, some areas crossed directly over water mains, posing high risks of service strikes, interruptions, and repairs.

⚠️ To mitigate these risks, they wisely opted for BlueLine Drains and our Combination Truck to perform Hydro Excavation at these critical points. This method is highly safe, efficient, and non-destructive, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety.

🛠️ By using Hydro Excavation, we’re not just digging—we’re safeguarding vital infrastructure and ensuring smooth project execution.

🌐 #HydroExcavation #NonDestructiveDigging #SafetyFirst 💡


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